Beware of Chimney Repair Scams

It started with a phone call. When the voice on the phone said she had require a Massachusetts fireplace repair costing more than $1,000, her natural skepticism set in: ‘We’re from Boston so we tend to say: ‘Waida  minute, here.”

‘I might have easily been ripped off,’ she says. ‘An awful lot of other people would have been cheated by this, too.’

John Sheehan initially thought the contractor who called his house with a cheap cleaning present was his chimney had been swept by a local one who the previous year. The Bloomfield, Conn., member was not even amazed when the technician from Clean-cut Chimney told him it needed over a cleansing, citing serious problems with the flue and lining.

Chimney cleaning and repair scammers tend to follow the patterns of these in other do-it-yourself industries, luring homeowners via telephone solicitations, door-to-door sales pitches or adverts offering too-good-to-be-true rates and preying on fear and not enough knowledge to score quick sales. When they obtain a foot in the door, they may maintain costly repairs or products are expected quickly to prevent serious issues like carbon monoxide leaks or chimney fires. Some encounters don’t turn out in addition to Talaszek’s.

‘I bought the home from somebody who had held it for 20 years, and maintenance was not his powerful suit,’ says Sheehan, who consented to have a chimney filling and pursuit limit installed although he had never hired the company before. He ended up paying $3,800 for work that was not completed and $900 for a chase cover the organization never delivered.

‘The next person who appears will have a real hard time selling me such a thing — even Girl Scout Cookies,’ Sheehan says. A number for Clean-cut was disconnected and a female who answered at another number listed for the company said it was not attached to the company.

Scams more commonplace in the North-east

Client run-ins with fake chimney companies seem to be concentrated in the north-eastern part of the country, with many complaints targeting companies depending on Long Island in New York, where Clean Cut was found, according to experts from the business and law enforcement.

But bad experiences with fireplace businesses can occur anywhere. Member Richard Strecker of Loveland, Ohio, says a technician dumped soot and dust beside his driveway after washing his chimney, and then refused it when he reported to the company’s office.

Eleven percent of Angie’s List members responding to an online study say they have had one or more bad experience using a chimney specialist and 2 percent say they’ve had nothing but bad experiences. Thirteen percent say they thought they’d paid too much or paid for services they did not need.

The shady business techniques have spread as far as Maine, where in fact the attorney general filed fit last November against a Massachusetts-based chimney repair business called Lysco Contracting for defrauding customers and failing to register to conduct door-to-door sales. The suit claims the company contacted elderly residents and offered chimney inspections or washing for $50 or less, and then used scare tactics to offer unnecessary chimney boats for a large number of dollars. There have been no listings for Lysco in Maine or Massachusetts.

‘I had just bought a house, and I wanted to be sure the fire worked OK,’ claims Caporale, who has small children. She says the technician informed that her home was at immediate risk for carbon monoxide buildup, which frightened her into paying $9,400 for a chimney ship, repairs and a supplementary chimney port that she later found believe was unnecessary. She says she felt pressured to add the extra $3,800 vent to her work-order when it was getting dark and the specialist told her she’d be without warm water overnight if she did not. ‘Bottom line: I was scammed,’ she says.

Businesses in his place market a fireplace cleansing for as low as $29.95.

Pilger, who has tried to raise awareness by dealing with consumer groups and local and national media, says cons have been hurting his industry for a lot more than two decades. Consumer signals and news reports published within the last few year indicate that they continue, alongside those that puppy other home service industries like paving and air duct cleaning.

After they allegedly tried to bilk an elderly person from $1,200 worth of pointless chimney repairs, early last year, police in Darien, Conn., arrested two men employed by Priority Home Improvements of Massapequa, N.Y.. Police in Tenafly, N.J., filed complaints against three other men linked to the same company in November.

‘It is difficult to research and difficult to catch these guys,’ says Capt. John Trainor of the Tenafly Police, who estimates he’s examined about seven similar cases since 2002. ‘They have numerous billheads and keep changing the business names.’ There have been no listings for Priority in Massapequa and one number formerly connected with that company was being employed by another company.

The Fair Lawn, N.J.-based A-Safeway posseses an F rating depending on three studies. ‘Obviously you can not make everyone happy but I try my hardest,’ says Nelson, adding that he has twenty years of experience.

Do your research, prevent take choosing decisions

As with hiring any specialist, it’s far better obtain numerous prices before proceeding with work. Be wary of up-front prices that appear too good to be true, and don’t let companies pressure you into making snap decisions.

Joe Sauter of Your Chimney Sweep in Indianapolis recommends homeowners retain chimney contractors who are bonded and insured. Sauter goes in terms of having his insurance agent send proof he is covered around $1 million to potential customers.

Check always whether your contractor is affiliated with groups like the Chimney Safety Institute of America, which is one of just a few offering nationally-recognized accreditation for the, based on authorities. Professionals certified by the CSIA receive training and adhere to a standard of ethics.

A builder also ought to be in a position to provide photo or video evidence if any extensive repairs are expected. ‘I carry a digital camera,’ claims Sauter, whose company is highly-rated with 410 studies on Angie’s List.

There are about 1,500 CSIA-certified specialists of about 5,000 fireplace companies nationwide, according to Institute speaker Melissa Heeke. You can ask your company to show you their CSIA or other professional credentials, proof of insurance and any additional licensing that may be needed for your task. ‘It is extremely simple to get some resources and say you’re a chimney sweep because it is a largely unregulated trade,’ Heeke says.

Chimney checkups are important

It’s still important to support your chimney frequently in order to avoid any dangers, while it is wise to keep clear of fly-by-night organizations. Even though not exactly 90 percent of Angie’s List members who responded to a web-based survey reported having a chimney, 56 percent say they’ve never used a chimney supplier.

Whether your fireplace is venting a wood-burning or gas fireplace, wood stove, furnace or water heater, you should have it inspected yearly and washed as needed, based on the CSIA. Creosote could build up within your fireplace, making a fire hazard. Animals can take up residence or debris can accumulate, preventing a flue. A chimney professional can make sure there are not any problems with the different elements that may comprise your chimney — like the mortar, flue or hat — lots of which can be difficult or impossible to see without special equipment and a trained eye.

‘We see so many fireplaces that require to be rebuilt from the roofline up because they have now been neglected,’ Irish says.

The variety of rain in the Pacific North-west makes fireplaces very prone to water damage, which could influence the interior and exterior of the structure. ‘You can catch repairs if they are minor and save cash down the road,’ Irish says. A chimney master can’t only place issues getting origin, but help you on waterproofing.

When possible, have your chimney repaired before the burning season starts, around April through September. ‘We provide off-season and new consumer discounts,’ says Karla Swanson, among the owners of the highly rated Chim Chimney in Sacramento, Calif. You are likely to get quicker service if you do not wait for the first cold snap of the year.

Member Jane Parsons of Shingletown, Calif., says she ignored her normal fireplace maintenance for quite some time in an attempt to cut costs, although she uses her fireplace with a face made of lava rock daily in the winter.

‘One day I started a fire and most of the smoke started pouring in the house,’ says Parsons, who then called the highly-rated Flue Season Chimney Sweeps in regional Redding. Flue Season determined she’d had a little fire, but surely could clean and fix the chimney in her unique mountain home for $225. The company also sent a card with treats on her cats afterward. ‘I may have had a structure fire,’ Parsons says. ‘After that knowledge, I am having it done on an annually basis.

Choosing a Contractor

In regards to custom masonry design, masonry landscape projects, or Marlborough ma chimney repair, the majority of us like the look of the finished product, but think the price is way too costly to consider.

Although this might have been the case within our parents generation, masonry development costs are now inexpensive nowadays. This can be partly as a result of fact that products including cement and mortar are mass-produced. Increase this the paid down labor associated with attaining rock materials, (more-efficient machinery for cutting, collecting and providing natural stone services and products), and you’ve a win-win situation.

What this means to the client is that professionally-landscaped walkways, maintaining walls, porches, or closed cooking areas are within not quite everyone’s financial reach.

Nevertheless, there are some very important things to consider when considering the addition of stone or concrete accouterments for your home.

First, does the design flow? How will you avoid this type of disaster all on your own property? Seek the aid of skilled industrial masonry experts!

The truth is, Massachusetts masonry contractor is among the fastest-growing companies within our country. With the development of concrete stamping and its not exactly undetected resemblance to natural rock, the masonry construction industry is thriving.

After you have found a qualified Marlborough masonry repair business, talk. Talk about every idea you have ever considered on your house. If you’re speaking to a veteran masonry professional, they will understand your concepts, improve upon them, and help you boost the integrity of your area. They’ll be able to tell you whether you can best obtain the appearance you prefer through the use of natural rock or concrete stamping.

How will you know you’ve located an appropriate masonry construction business?

· A seasoned masonry expert will boost your outdoor living space and enable you to implement your vision. Listen carefully. Do they toss anything you say and ask you to go an entirely different direction, or do they build upon your methods and cause them to become better?

· Look at examples of their work. True builders make their task look easy, but simply take an extravagant period of time on facts that make the finished product look as if it cost a fortune to produce.

Have more than one masonry quote. Prior to making your final decision, talk to and always check the account of many masonry development businesses. In the end, your choice is likely to be based as much upon the personal impression you got from the company as their value and contribution of ideas. Professional masonry businesses have a great deal of competition today – but true craftsmen still exist. They know the marketplace, the amount of time necessary to produce excellent results, and take enormous pride in their work.

· A qualified masonry specialist can save money. Are you addressing an individual who provides practical information about property perspectives, anchors, materials and labor? Competent masons have now been employed in the industry for decades and know how to adapt appropriate resources to your specific gardening requirements, be they natural stone, rebar and stamped concrete or drain-able retaining walls.

Upon conclusion, your outdoor living area must be a place you are constantly attracted to. It must make you laugh when you see and experience it. If that’s the case, you’ve been handled by the brush of the true artist. Following visits for this environment will simply continue to satisfy. You’ll desire to ask the others to talk about the experience.

Greetings wood burning masonry users!

If you found this page you are interested in burning wood in a fireplace or wood stove, have a chimney or other form of masonry at your residence. You might be having issues with leaks, bricks falling from the sky, or have a Bolton ma foundation repair that is giving you some troubles. Maybe your fireplace has draft issues or you are in the process of building a new chimney and fireplace as you read this. This site will be for a multitude of issues that come up with regards to aging New England masonry and the stresses it under goes through frigid harsh damp winters.Soon fall will be in full swing. The air will be cold, the leaves will be changing and Football will be underway. Before you know it you will be shoveling snow, and bringing in wood to burn. Now is the time to button up any masonry repairs you have been putting off, because in another month or so it will be too cold to repair them. Most masons don’t charge for estimates so why not give one a call and get their opinion?

Wood burning fireplace

Benefits of Rumford Fireplace

Fireplaces have changed over the years. This change was primarily credited to Count Rumford. Benjamin Thompson was in real life is a British citizen who had his time devoted in the New World when the American Revolution happened. Due to his ingenuity, he had redesigned what has been a traditional fireplace in to something that gives you not only enough heat but also sufficient light for your homes.

Towards the end of the 1700s, he realized that fireplaces must have a new design that enhances their output. This output is the heat and light that reflects and that you are benefiting from. He designed his own fireplace with the idea that a head always sticks out from the body. Soon after, that fireplace was called Rumford fireplace and many kinds of designs followed. If you are in New England and are looking for a Massachusetts Rumford Fireplace builder, here is a very reputable contractor that do fantastic work. Here are a few of the benefits of using a Rumford fireplace.

First, he completely understood that the most useful heat can be achieved through radiation. He made it with a sufficient design that lets the smoke go out instead of mixing it with the air. The design radiates heat as much as possible to the room where you are using it. Its design burns with higher efficiency, emitting all of the smoke up the flue, and none in the room.

Second, the fireplace is also effective in reflecting the heat. He specially plastered and whitewashed the firebox so that heat would not be lost up in the chimney. This fireplace lets you enjoy the heat to the maximum effect as possible.

Third, he made it sure that the fireplace would not be the source of pollution for the environment. He made the design sufficient enough to trap the black soot in its chamber so what goes out from the chimney would appear to be the clean room air. It is an environmentally friendly fireplace.

Because of its largely opened type of firebox, it charms and beautifies the place where it is located. This traditional design was to make sure that pattern was made not only for sufficient usage but also for a lovely, attractive design.
As you can see, Rumford fireplace is a good source of self-sufficient energy. The designer may not know it but it actually performs the best out of it. The radiated heat coming from the fireplace is enough for the room to heat. It also reflects it effectively. The tall design with a nozzle that traps smoke inside making the air clean as it comes out, is a very environmental innovation. This is quite and innovation and should preserved for the years to come.

If you are looking for an Acton ma chimney contractor to construct you a beautiful Rumford fireplace look no further! From start to finish, concept to reality they can build what you are looking for.

What kind of wood to burn?

Many people think anything can be burned in their woodstove or fireplace. Actually burning softer wood like pine causes issues with creosote. That is the black tar like substance that lines the flue tiles and is the cause of chimney fires. It is advisable to only burn seasoned firewood. This is wood that has been split and left out side to dry out for a season! It burns cleaner and wont plug up your flue!

If you suspect you may have a chimney that needs cleaning then don’t hesitate to call a local chimney sweep to inspect your chimney. If you think damage has been done to your chimney and you need a Boxborough ma chimney repair company, call a masonry contractor as they are much more qualified to determine the extent of damage to your chimney. If you live in and need a Mass masonry contractor don’t hesitate to call!

Understanding the Throat

I receive lots of calls for Massachusetts Chimney Repairs. When a chimney has suffered extensive damage such as pulling away from the house, Continue reading

Making Bricks

I found a cool little video off of Twitter about how bricks are made. I had never seen it in this detail myself. I’m always interested in shows like “how it’s made” and whatnot like that anyhow. The next time someone has a chimney repair in Northborough ma to do, maybe the bricks I use will come from this place, who knows.

Massachusetts Rumford fireplaces

The rumford fireplace saw its height of popularity between 1796 and 1850. The reason this style of fireplace was so popular back in this era was due to its ability to produce a great amount of heat into the living area. If you have ever been to an older home from before they had oil fired furnaces, you may notice a fireplace in quite a few of the rooms. Thats all there was to keep warm with back then, as well as stoves and cooking stoves. All of these relied on wood to produce heat.

With the current cost of gas and oil it is once again becoming attractive to supplement the heating of the home with wood. A cord of wood costs about $270.00 and will be a great safety net against the rising cost of oil and gas.

Recently we have witnessed some devastating storms in the North East. New Jersey was hit with Sandy and thousands of people lost power. Many people lost power all through the region as well and it is essential to be able to heat your house in this emergency situation. A Rumford fireplace can be a irreplaceable asset to your home in the event that you need it.

For more information on Rumford fireplaces in Massachusetts please visit my site.

Simple repointing for stone foundations

Simple Steps to Repair Your Stone Foundation

Old stone foundation
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How to Split and Stack Firewood

Wood burning fireplace

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Tips for Installing a Brick Paver Walkway

Brick pavers

Installing a Bolton ma brick paver walkway is one of the best outdoor projects for your home. Not only
will this improve the curb appeal, but it will also go a long way in increasing the value of your
property. Unfortunately, this job is not as simple as it sounds. Continue reading

How to Improve a Poor Drafting Fireplace

There is nothing worse than a poor drafting fireplace. However, this is an issue that many people are currently dealing with. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also lead to a lot of issues if you decide to use your Massachusetts fireplace. After all, who wants a room full of smoke?

Fortu Continue reading