Tuckpointing Rubble Foundation Repair

Long ago before formed and poured concrete foundations was a standard building practice, foundations were built with the rocks and stones from the site of the house or trucked in from nearby. Rocks in Massachusetts are abundant, ask anyone who has tried to plant a garden! The problem with foundations that are built like this is rubble construction will deteriorate over time. That is something that you cannot prevent since everything wears and tears. However, you can always extend the life of that structure. All you need is a handful of ideas, a pinch of determination, and a friendly mason contractor. You can do it yourself but it is advisable to get professional help. Here are a few ideas and technicalities should you choose to do it on your own:
>Check your foundation for any signs of cracks or gaps. You may have a lot of work to do if your foundation has been falling apart for a while and is in bad shape.
>Estimate the amount of mortar you will need for you to fix your foundation. You don’t want to buy too much, buy a couple of bags and see how far it gets you. It will be easier to estimate if you have a reference.
>Remove any loose debris around each stone with a hammer and chisel. If you feel confident and are good with tools you could use an electric chipping gun. After removing the debris, clean them up using a whisk brush. If the whisk brush is not enough, you can always use the air compressor and blow the dust and debris out of the crevices.
>Your going to fill all the voids with mortar. Mortar is sold with sand pre mixed or you could purchase masonry cement and mix the sand in yourself. While doing the mixing of the materials for your mortar, make sure that you have a consistency that is like peanut butter. If it is too runny, it will just run down the wall. It needs to be just right.
>We are going to use a trowel to flip the mortar in the gaps. Hudson ma Foundation repair is pretty straight forward, clean out the problem areas and fill them back in. Start filling in the bigger cracks or gaps. These are the ones that need more attention. It is possible that these cracks or gaps have already extended beyond where your eyes can see. After filling in the bigger cracks, you can start filling in the smaller ones. The smaller ones also need attention so that they will not become big and cause bigger problems.

You might find that these ideas sound easy but are more difficult than you would think. If you think your stone foundation repair might be more then you are willing to tackle, look up your Littleton ma mason contractor and get a professionals opinion. Most are more then happy to stop by and give a free quote on how to fix the problem. If you are a handy person and not afraid of a little dirt under your nails and some hard work then this is certainly something that is do-able by most anyone with knowledge of proper building practices and a vision for what the completed project should look like.


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