Upgrade Your Home with a Rumford Fireplace

Rumford fireplaceIf you have been looking for a way to infuse your Massachusetts home with beauty that is also practical, you might seriously want to consider a Rumford Fireplace. This is a specific type of fireplace that has been known as well as loved for ages and continues to be popular today because it can infuse your home with all of the beauty one could possibly ask for as well as with a bit of New England charm and practicality.

The Rumford fireplace is very old, dating back to 1796 and yet they are still practical today. Rumford fireplaces are an exceptional fireplace for any home because they are both tall and shallow, which allows them to reflect more heat than other fireplace designs and they also have a streamlined throat that will easily carry away all smoke, while allowing for the room to be heated. The Rumford fireplace was loved by absolutely everyone, being found in Monticello and other famous structures around the country.

Today, the Rumford fireplaces are enjoying a well-deserved comeback thanks to their tall and classic elegance. Also, it should be noted that their heating efficiency truly is timeless. With many people restoring the beauty of their early American and classical architecture, it comes as no surprise that these fireplaces are being restored and even newly installed in many homes. Oddly enough, even with all of the technological advancements in the world since the Rumford fireplace was made popular, it remains one of the most efficient and beautiful fireplaces in history, a status quo that makes it clear why more and more people are analyzing it as a possible choice for their homes.


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