Wooden Chimney Dangers

In today’s day and age everyone is in a rush and no one has the time anymore. People are loosing their connection to rural living, living from yesteryear when we had simpler lives, simpler ambitions and slower schedules. Part the lives we are letting slip away is how to efficiently and cost effectively heat our homes.

For many of us the oil is delivered or we use gas and simply turn up the thermostat when it gets cold. Gone are the days of splitting and carrying in wood for use in our fireplace or woodstove. Surely simpler days were back when this was a common practice. People lived off their land, they had farms, made their own timber, and used wood to heat their homes. In a way this sort of self reliance is something many people would embrace, given the tools and know how.

There are still some of us out there who don’t put all of our reliance on oil and gas companies, we use Massachusetts Rumford fireplaces, woodstoves and masonry heaters to produce heat to get us through the winter. There are some knock offs, some fireplaces marketed to us as the real thing, but don’t even come close. Manufactured fireplaces, or fireplace inserts commonly used by builders to save a few dollars on new home construction. While not technically cutting a corner, it does diminish the heritage of New England, one fake fireplace at a time.

Dangerous_wooden_chimney_fire.jpgTo make matters worse, there was a recent snow storm that left many people without power. People did what any rational people would do, they tried to make heat with their Manufactured fireplace. For one couple in Northborough Mass this was a disastrous idea. The wooden chimney caught on fire, inside of the wooden chase and almost burnt the whole house down! Reports say over $50,000 worth of damage was done to the property. The Northborough Fire Chief made a statement announcing: “It’s designed for a ceremonial or a pleasure fire at the holidays, not for hardcore, heavy-duty heating,” Northborough fire Chief David Durgin said.

Well that isn’t good news at all. You mean they put fireplaces in houses that are not safe fireplaces? Jeesh, whats next? I must say, I think its due time people start demanding some quality out of the hard earned money we spend. How much are people paying for homes with these fake fireplaces in them, $200,000, $300,000 or more? That isn’t acceptable, not to me. We need to demand from our builders that we get genuine masonry fireplaces with real bricks, not sheet metal fireboxes screwed to wood! I hope everyone realizes the dangers of wooden chimneys and requests a more traditional solution to their fireplace needs.


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