Picking a good contractor

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home, you want the finished product to look absolutely stunning and custom made to be just the way you envisioned it. It could be the kitchen of your dreams or a stylish new bathroom – either way, it’s important to you that it ends up looking professional, beautiful and will last for many years to come. For parts of your remodeling project that require mortar, brick, block or stone, you need a skilled Acton ma masonry contractor with plenty of experience to ensure that everything is done exactly the way you planned.

Authentic stone masonry

When choosing a Massachusetts masonry contractor, you need to make sure that the individual or company you are hiring has experience in working with different kinds of materials, from different granite stones to stucco or waterstruck brick. Additionally, you want to look for someone who has a track record of excellent natural stone masonry in their workmanship. Pictures from previous projects, as well as testimonial from former customers, will be a good way for you to determine whether the contractor has a history of high quality craftsmanship. Perhaps most importantly, make sure that your masonry construction contractor uses only the best quality, durable materials. The main difference between a good mason and a sub-par one is the materials that are used and the workmanship of the mortar and stone. These factors can significantly affect the longevity of any masonry or construction project.

We are a Massachusetts masonry contractor with over 20 years of experience and an extensive list of satisfied customers. We offer a full list of masonry services, from Sudbury ma chimney repairs and fireplace work to masonry waterproofing and stone veneers. Our experience with masonry in Massachusetts means that we’re aware of the unique conditions of the local climate and its effects on masonry work. The cold winters and humidity are often the top contributors to the natural degradation of materials used in chimneys, walls, brick and other stone construction. You can count on us to do the job the right way from the beginning – reducing your future need for repairs, and therefore, reducing your long term expenses with regard to masonry work.

As a full service Massachusetts masonry contractor, our offered services include the following:

  • General masonry repairs for damaged buildings and other structures
  • Brick, stone and block work to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look
  • Chimney and fireplace construction, one of the tasks that do-it-yourselfers should leave to professional masons
  • Brick steps and stone walkways to add a classic sophistication to your yards and gardens
  • Stone and brick veneers for your interior design
  • Stucco work to beautify and home’s exterior
  • Retaining walls for those who live near a beach, levy, river or lake
  • Concrete block foundations for new homes and buildings
  • Chimney repointing, one of our most requested specialty skills

If your home features a fireplace and chimney, you’re probably aware that these home features come with a certain amount of required maintenance. A chimney that receives frequent care can serve as a safe home heating solution as well as a beautiful decorative aspect of your home. However, even a well-cared for fireplace and chimney will start to degrade over time due to the effects of nature and the elements on the exposed stone or brick surfaces. Over time, water and humidity contribute to the eventual development of cracks in a chimney, and it’s important to take care of chimney repairs sooner rather than later, unless you want to run into even larger problems down the line.

Mortar and brick can only stand up to the natural elements for so long. Starting with about 25 or 30 years after a chimney was built, flaking and cracking starts to become an issue. The mortar joints between bricks and stone blocks will eventually start to flake on the interior of your chimney or wash out from decades of rain on the exterior. Here in Massachusetts, our chimneys undergo the added stress of annual freezing and thawing, causing the masonry to take up moisture over time, which causes erosion and damage. The risk is increased for those who live in historic homes, because chimneys were originally built to withstand the intense heat generated by coal boilers rather than the kinds of wood burning fireplaces we have now. These chimneys are more likely to take on damage from condensation and moisture.

Regardless of the age of your chimney, an experienced Massachusetts chimney repair contractor is your answer to both prevention and treatment of all of your chimney and fireplace problems. The most common reason chimney repair becomes necessary is that it often goes unnoticed. Chimney damage usually occurs near the top of the chimney, where people generally can’t see it unless they regularly spend time on their roof. As a result, you usually don’t know you need chimney repointing until it’s too late. And if you wait too long, a Massachusetts chimney rebuild may be the only solution.

Mass chimney repairIf you have a chimney, especially if it’s over 20 years old, make sure to get a chimney inspection from a Massachusetts masonry contractor on a regular basis. Although chimney repointing mass may not be a huge project if you notice mortar or brick damage early, all chimney repair must be performed by a skilled mason in order to make sure that the work is done in a safe and lasting manner. If your chimney has undergone many years of damage due to natural causes or neglect, a complete chimney rebuild may be necessary. This could be a big job, but an experienced chimney contractor will make sure to rebuild your chimney with high quality materials that should last you for many more years to come. We are committed to providing the highest quality masonry work to clients.

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