Simple repointing for stone foundations

Simple Steps to Repair Your Stone Foundation

Old stone foundation
Tuckpointing Bolton ma requires time and patience for it to be done properly. This is an important method because it helps maintain the foundation of the structure. It extends the longevity of the brick and strengthening resistance from water penetration. You can do these steps in repointing:

Step1 Using a hammer and a chisel remove the old mortar from the specific joints. Hammer and chisel is useful if the amount of mortar is not too much. If it is a more serious issue a consult from a masonry repair in Northborough ma expert might be needed.

Step 2 Brush out the debris using a whisk broom after running the angle grinder and/or the chisel joint. If you can’t get all of the loose debris out, use the air compressor’s compressed air to blow the loose debris out.

Step 3 Mix only a small batch of the mortar mix. Continue mixing it until its consistency is like a peanut butter. You will be able to know that once you turn the trowel upside down, the mortar will stay in place.

Step 4 Work the mix into the joint with the use of your trowel. Be cautious enough to avoid the face of the foundation from having contact with the mortar. In case the joint is deep, fill if half full first and let it dry. Once it is dry enough that you can see your thumbprint impression, you may now continue finishing the joint.

Step 5 You can finish repointing by smoothing the surface of the area using a jointing tool so that it will look like the original. If you want best results, smooth the vertical joints first before the horizontal ones. These are the simple steps that you can do in repairing the stone foundation. Although the steps may sound easy, they actually need high technical skill for you to achieve the desired results. If they are not done accordingly, you achieve nasty results. If you are not so certain if your skill is enough to get this through, you can always hire a professional who can do it for you. Remember that this method is done to extend the life of the structure. It needs utmost care.

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