Massachusetts Rumford fireplaces

The rumford fireplace saw its height of popularity between 1796 and 1850. The reason this style of fireplace was so popular back in this era was due to its ability to produce a great amount of heat into the living area. If you have ever been to an older home from before they had oil fired furnaces, you may notice a fireplace in quite a few of the rooms. Thats all there was to keep warm with back then, as well as stoves and cooking stoves. All of these relied on wood to produce heat.

With the current cost of gas and oil it is once again becoming attractive to supplement the heating of the home with wood. A cord of wood costs about $270.00 and will be a great safety net against the rising cost of oil and gas.

Recently we have witnessed some devastating storms in the North East. New Jersey was hit with Sandy and thousands of people lost power. Many people lost power all through the region as well and it is essential to be able to heat your house in this emergency situation. A Rumford fireplace can be a irreplaceable asset to your home in the event that you need it.

For more information on Rumford fireplaces in Massachusetts please visit my site.


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