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Repointing a Stone Foundation

If you have ever seen a Massachusetts stone foundation, it is likely that you have noticed worn out or missing mortar between the stones. What has happened is that spaces in the joints between the stones have eroded due to weathering and decay of the mortar. Once these voids are created, they become open pathways for water to get into the walls. Stone walls can be destroyed over time as the water expands and contracts during season changes. When the water freezes, it will expand and destroy mortar that has been weakened over time.

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Retaining walls can be functional as well as beautiful!

Massachusetts retaining walls date back to to when we were part of the original colonies. People have long known that walls can be built to support the earth, to support buildings and to keep soil and the like in place. Retaining walls have been used all over the world to help preserve soil and natural landscapes despite homes and the like being built in the areas. Continue reading