Repointing a Stone Foundation

If you have ever seen a Massachusetts stone foundation, it is likely that you have noticed worn out or missing mortar between the stones. What has happened is that spaces in the joints between the stones have eroded due to weathering and decay of the mortar. Once these voids are created, they become open pathways for water to get into the walls. Stone walls can be destroyed over time as the water expands and contracts during season changes. When the water freezes, it will expand and destroy mortar that has been weakened over time.

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Chimney Fires

Wooden chimney fireAs the owner of a Northborough Ma chimney repair, one thing which you should be wary about and do your best to avoid is chimney fires.  Chimney fires are often taken lightly by homeowners, and some homeowners even start them on purpose!  They are a very serious matter, though, and they can burn your house down.  Even if they don’t burn your house down they can still cause expensive damage to your chimney which can render it unsafe for future use until repaired or replaced. Continue reading

Preserving Masonry

The Damaging Effects of Water to a Masonry Chimney

Chimney repair

Waterproofing ruined this chimney

Many people who are in need of a  Lunenburg ma chimney repair ask me how their chimney has become so deteriorated, and it’s usually from water damage, strangely enough.  Let’s think about it for a moment. Everything on the exterior of your home below the roof line is protected from the elements to some degree. Protected by the overhang of the roof, and eave, all provides shelter from rain and snow. Only the chimney sticks up past the roof line without protection from the weather. Day in and day out the chimney takes all the brunt of Mother Nature, the wind driven rain, freezing rain and snow. Year after year it endures the freezing and thawing cycles. Continue reading

Picking a good contractor

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home, you want the finished product to look absolutely stunning and custom made to be just the way you envisioned it. It could be the kitchen of your dreams or a stylish new bathroom – either way, it’s important to you that it ends up looking professional, beautiful and will last for many years to come. For parts of your remodeling project that require mortar, brick, block or stone, you need a skilled Acton ma masonry contractor with plenty of experience to ensure that everything is done exactly the way you planned. Continue reading

Wood burning chimney maintenance

Fireplace and Woodstove Maintenance

Chimney InspectionIf you enjoy the smell of burning wood through out the neighborhood or the sound of crackling flames, there is nothing quite like a wood burning fireplace. Like any other appliance that houses a combustible, it requires maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operating. Continue reading

Wooden Chimney Dangers

In today’s day and age everyone is in a rush and no one has the time anymore. People are loosing their connection to rural living, living from yesteryear when we had simpler lives, simpler ambitions and slower schedules. Part the lives we are letting slip away is how to efficiently and cost effectively heat our homes. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Home with a Rumford Fireplace

Rumford fireplaceIf you have been looking for a way to infuse your Massachusetts home with beauty that is also practical, you might seriously want to consider a Rumford Fireplace. This is a specific type of fireplace that has been known as well as loved for ages and continues to be popular today because it can infuse your home with all of the beauty one could possibly ask for as well as with a bit of New England charm and practicality.

The Rumford fireplace is very old, dating back to 1796 and yet they are still practical today. Rumford fireplaces are an exceptional fireplace for any home because they are both tall and shallow, which allows them to reflect more heat than other fireplace designs and they also have a streamlined throat that will easily carry away all smoke, while allowing for the room to be heated. The Rumford fireplace was loved by absolutely everyone, being found in Monticello and other famous structures around the country.

Today, the Rumford fireplaces are enjoying a well-deserved comeback thanks to their tall and classic elegance. Also, it should be noted that their heating efficiency truly is timeless. With many people restoring the beauty of their early American and classical architecture, it comes as no surprise that these fireplaces are being restored and even newly installed in many homes. Oddly enough, even with all of the technological advancements in the world since the Rumford fireplace was made popular, it remains one of the most efficient and beautiful fireplaces in history, a status quo that makes it clear why more and more people are analyzing it as a possible choice for their homes.

Reinforcing A Block Wall With Concrete And Steel

A number of buildings, and houses are built using blocks reinforced with concrete and steel. These are called CMU blocks. Constructing these walls has to be done in both a vertical way and horizontal way so that pressure would be absorbed equally. Basically, doing reinforcement is essential for the structure that has been newly built to have the strength to resist tension and pressure to retain the earth. If reinforcement was not used, many buildings using block foundation walls would start to protrude inwards and would last. Continue reading

Tuckpointing Rubble Foundation Repair

Long ago before formed and poured concrete foundations was a standard building practice, foundations were built with the rocks and stones from the site of the house or trucked in from nearby. Continue reading

Masonry Repairs – Factors To Consider when Hiring An Expert

Chimney replacement Berlin maAs our homes and chimneys get older, not all the time will a chimney be functioning well. There are also times that there will be minor or major chimney repair that are needed to be made. So Continue reading