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Chimney Fires

Wooden chimney fireAs the owner of a Northborough Ma chimney repair, one thing which you should be wary about and do your best to avoid is chimney fires.  Chimney fires are often taken lightly by homeowners, and some homeowners even start them on purpose!  They are a very serious matter, though, and they can burn your house down.  Even if they don’t burn your house down they can still cause expensive damage to your chimney which can render it unsafe for future use until repaired or replaced. Continue reading


Wooden Chimney Dangers

In today’s day and age everyone is in a rush and no one has the time anymore. People are loosing their connection to rural living, living from yesteryear when we had simpler lives, simpler ambitions and slower schedules. Part the lives we are letting slip away is how to efficiently and cost effectively heat our homes. Continue reading