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Greetings wood burning masonry users!

If you found this page you are interested in burning wood in a fireplace or wood stove, have a chimney or other form of masonry at your residence. You might be having issues with leaks, bricks falling from the sky, or have a Bolton ma foundation repair that is giving you some troubles. Maybe your fireplace has draft issues or you are in the process of building a new chimney and fireplace as you read this. This site will be for a multitude of issues that come up with regards to aging New England masonry and the stresses it under goes through frigid harsh damp winters.Soon fall will be in full swing. The air will be cold, the leaves will be changing and Football will be underway. Before you know it you will be shoveling snow, and bringing in wood to burn. Now is the time to button up any masonry repairs you have been putting off, because in another month or so it will be too cold to repair them. Most masons don’t charge for estimates so why not give one a call and get their opinion?

Wood burning fireplace

Benefits of Rumford Fireplace

Fireplaces have changed over the years. This change was primarily credited to Count Rumford. Benjamin Thompson was in real life is a British citizen who had his time devoted in the New World when the American Revolution happened. Due to his ingenuity, he had redesigned what has been a traditional fireplace in to something that gives you not only enough heat but also sufficient light for your homes.

Towards the end of the 1700s, he realized that fireplaces must have a new design that enhances their output. This output is the heat and light that reflects and that you are benefiting from. He designed his own fireplace with the idea that a head always sticks out from the body. Soon after, that fireplace was called Rumford fireplace and many kinds of designs followed. If you are in New England and are looking for a Massachusetts Rumford Fireplace builder, here is a very reputable contractor that do fantastic work. Here are a few of the benefits of using a Rumford fireplace.

First, he completely understood that the most useful heat can be achieved through radiation. He made it with a sufficient design that lets the smoke go out instead of mixing it with the air. The design radiates heat as much as possible to the room where you are using it. Its design burns with higher efficiency, emitting all of the smoke up the flue, and none in the room.

Second, the fireplace is also effective in reflecting the heat. He specially plastered and whitewashed the firebox so that heat would not be lost up in the chimney. This fireplace lets you enjoy the heat to the maximum effect as possible.

Third, he made it sure that the fireplace would not be the source of pollution for the environment. He made the design sufficient enough to trap the black soot in its chamber so what goes out from the chimney would appear to be the clean room air. It is an environmentally friendly fireplace.

Because of its largely opened type of firebox, it charms and beautifies the place where it is located. This traditional design was to make sure that pattern was made not only for sufficient usage but also for a lovely, attractive design.
As you can see, Rumford fireplace is a good source of self-sufficient energy. The designer may not know it but it actually performs the best out of it. The radiated heat coming from the fireplace is enough for the room to heat. It also reflects it effectively. The tall design with a nozzle that traps smoke inside making the air clean as it comes out, is a very environmental innovation. This is quite and innovation and should preserved for the years to come.

If you are looking for an Acton ma chimney contractor to construct you a beautiful Rumford fireplace look no further! From start to finish, concept to reality they can build what you are looking for.

What kind of wood to burn?

Many people think anything can be burned in their woodstove or fireplace. Actually burning softer wood like pine causes issues with creosote. That is the black tar like substance that lines the flue tiles and is the cause of chimney fires. It is advisable to only burn seasoned firewood. This is wood that has been split and left out side to dry out for a season! It burns cleaner and wont plug up your flue!

If you suspect you may have a chimney that needs cleaning then don’t hesitate to call a local chimney sweep to inspect your chimney. If you think damage has been done to your chimney and you need a Boxborough ma chimney repair company, call a masonry contractor as they are much more qualified to determine the extent of damage to your chimney. If you live in and need a Mass masonry contractor don’t hesitate to call!

Wood burning chimney maintenance

Fireplace and Woodstove Maintenance

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Chimney Sweeps and a word of caution

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Chimney Repair and Cleaning Scams

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